Miss him already..


As today, my beloved husband will be going out for a side visit in Selangor for 1 whole day.. Not just 1 place but few places he will be out. Maybe it will end by night time possibly till almost midnight but  i'm not so sure.. So i will be going back to my mum's place for tonight, drive in a very long distance which sometimes makes me sleeping whenever i drive alone..

I've already felt how much i misses him today and my phone was out of battery last nite and i totally forgot to bring the charger. How silly i am.. Not even 1 person don't have the Sony charger because the person who has it isn't here because she went out for a course in KL.

Forgive me sayang for troubling you.. i will call/sms sayang once i have charge my phone so that i can keep in touch with you during on your side visit..

Love you so much and take care..


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