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Muslimah fashion is making a huge comeback in the local fashion arena in Malaysia. It is no surprise at all, as for the past few years we can see a new trend making its very own way among our local fashion lovers, or to be exact better known as hijabista. 

These days most of them prefer buy Muslimah clothing through online because it is the most convenient way for them to shop instead of trying hard to park the car, to queue at the counter and so on like myself.. I sometimes prefer buying online than going to the shop that is far away from home.

It's not that difficult to mix them all and dress fashionably like others but you also need to match them even just a basic guideline of how to dress modestly like a true Muslim woman. For me myself, i like wearing simple clothes that covers below my bottom and wear jeans or even with my long jean skirts. I use to wear simple color long sleeves and a colorful hijab or a bit of patterns just to make it pop up..I don't really enjoy wearing tight jeans with tight clothes that can see your body from top to bottom.

I see many kinds of muslimah fashion in Malaysia or even from other countries wears different kinds of fashion. It's really good to be part of our guidelines and make us choose what to wear. There are so many ways to adopt a little creativity without even to have crossed the line. You just need to know there are plenty of simple and workable Muslimah clothing fashion tips that do not have to cost much either!

naelofar hijab x zalora

You can simply google them on the internet and in between you might stumble on some online Muslimah boutique along the way. I have my own list of favourite boutique and the best butikMuslimah online in Malaysia should have these two popular Muslimah clothing must-haves .

Hijab is one of the basic essentials for modern hijabista. Pair it with your favourite Muslimah wear like baju kurung moden or even with a long sleeves shirt with not too fit jeans with a pair of trendy heels and a designer bag to look stunning all day long! 

Another Muslimah clothing piece you must get is the bajukurungmoden. The latest collection of bajukurung online comes in a wide variety of designs, colours, sizes and patterns! 

And don't forget, click the link I've given to you above and lets shop ladies..

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1st time makan di Magnum


Last week Aini sempat g lunch dgn opismate kat IOI citymall Putrajaya. Decided to have it at Mangum Cafe. It was my 1st time i entered there and we decided to eat heavy meal instead of just dessert. So this is what we ordered..

Oops 1st i show you our happy faces before we ordered..hehe

Hehe.. terliur tak.. apa lagi pegilah cuba..
Yang Aini pegi ni di IoI City Mall.. There's one at midvalley tho..

Ok, enjoy your lunch..tata

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