How do i take care of my skin..

Good morning.. its almost lunch and i might wanna lunch a bit early today or maybe for a week coz my boss is on course, way out from here..hehe..

So, just wanna share my routine make up everyday whenever i go to work or going outdoor i will use only this makeup.. Some people ask me how do i take care of my skin without hardly see any pimples well i do have pimples whenever i'm in you know.. And whenever i have pimples just about to show or pop on my face i use Body Shop Tea Tree oil for pimples..

Cost only RM39

As picture below are my make-up that i usually use daily in and out.. But i didn't use it when i'm at home i only use the Safi moisturizer .

The 4 round in that long case is kindda like a lip gloss (Victoria Jackson) but using a small brush thats includes all. Sorry this picure makes the colour dull but its actually bright and natural colour. I don't really like Red chilli colour thing or maroon..makes me look so weird.

This brand that i normally use because it suits my skin and no dry skin at all.. The foundation actually i use Victoria Jackson but since it's already finish and i didn't buy a new one yet so i just try out my future sister in law new foundation from Kelantan, Siti Beauty Foundation (SBF). So far i use it is ok and really makes my skin more fairer and natural look.

I like using Etude product coz it's more from Korea and their product really suits me especially the eyeliner and the eye shadow. As you see the eye shadow I use the stick bronze colour coz you don't even have to use any brush.. 

For moisturize my skin before make up I use Safi.. 

And also this one i keep it in my office..

And for cleanser

Safi is the very most product i can use for my skin...My skin are so sensitive which i hardly try other product and it did't work well..

Ok that's all for now.. off to lunch.. Any further questions you wanna ask just jot down under comments... Tata

With Love,


My 5th Anniversary

5 years married couple..who else? Ofcoz its me and my beloved hubby..
Eventho we are still the 2 of us..InsyaAllah sooner or later it will be 3 of us.. 
Just keep praying and never give up..
Thank you for giving me ur love more and more..

We've been having a lot of faith.. 
There's sadness and happiness..
And i'm so grateful having a wonderful hubby like you.

Today 6th March is my 5th Anniversary
Didn't go on my 1st honeymoon yet but i'm sure it will be the best honeymoon ever... We've decided to have our 1st honeymoon in Malaysia but donno when.
Maybe a place that is quiet and also with beautiful mother nature..
Any suggestions guys..?

Thanks in advance..

With Love,

Working on weekends

I donno what TGI stands for, does anyone know?
Yeah i'm working today.. high spirit..hehe
anyway tomorrow i'm also working on painting my own precious bedroom.. 
wanna make it cozy and whenever i go to my room i feel i wanna sleep..

The colours i will update later..
Happy weekends my friend..

With Love,

Mood cuti lagi

Mood cuti lagi ni.. 3 hari tak masuk ofis. start bercuti since last Saturday until Wednesday..
Kite bercuti di Penang.. nnt kite update ye..

Rasa malas nk wat koje..!! dh la tadi duk black out lebih 3 kali.. baik kuar lunch awal kan.. 
Nak makan apa ye..?