Invitation For Collaboration


Ok i got this email today.. urmm actually this blog is just for fun.. suka-suka je nak share story.. xde lah sampai nak dapat ramai follower or otherwise.. doesn't matter for me tho.. Thanx for the invitation by the way.. 

you guys pernah dapat tak..?

Aini pernah dapat dari certain company daripada Zalora dan lain2 pasal fashion pasal lain2 yang Aini pernah share.. and they gave me a voucher.. best mmg best tapi tengok pada kerajinan juga.. Dulu rajin juga mengadap blog2 ni tapi sejak laptop dah nazak kite macam nanti2 lah update.. Ni pun update kt opis sebab bos xde so curi masa sedikit untuk update..hehe..

ok thats all for now..

With Love,

Salam Jumaat

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How to use Tea Tree Oil


Happy October everyone.. Tomorrow the 4th October is my BIG day.. turning 32 this year and yup i still don't feel like I'm 32.. I feel like I'm 27 years old.. Why's that coz my attitude i guess.. Last week i went to this Clara facial treatment.. The staff didn't believe me that I'm 32.. The 2 staffs said i look like 26 or 27.. My heart feels like full of butterflies flying with so many colours.. haha

Ok, actually i wanna share about The Bodyshop Tea Tree.. I've been using them since like 3 to 4 years ago.. I love the smell and it works if you have a pimple that just pop out or you finger a lil itchy to peel it off those naughty pimple on your face. All you have to do is just clean your face with your cleanser then pad it dry use clean towel and then a bit of Tea tree oil on a cotton and dap on your pimple.. you will see the result tomorrow.. in 3 4 days you pimple will shrink and gone.. 

Here's the video you can look at on 10 ways to use Tea Tree Oil.. good luck (^_^)