I miss him


Sorry for the very late update. These few weeks i'm a bit busy with work and also the feeling to jot down here was empty because i have lost my very special person in my life is my Paklong. My mama's only brother. Remember i have post about him few weeks back? Well he died on the 31st October 2015. Until now i still thinking about him. Can't believe that he leave us all so quickly though I know he have a stage 4 cancer but since few months ago the doctor found out that he had a 2cm tumor in his brain which makes him more weaker.

I often visited him after work because my office is just nearby the Hospital in Putrajaya. Most of the time almost 4 days a week i visited him, he smiled, he giggled whenever he see's me and my hubby always made jokes with him and i heard his laughter which really made me happy. His laugh still fresh in my ear, i feel i wanna cry whenever i write about him now. But Allah S.W.T. love him more than we do, HE don't want him to suffer the pain alone and make everyone worried about him so maybe it's the best way he leaves us calmly. Alhamdulillah my mama mada a Tahlil for him and also to my late father in law yesterday, almost 40 pax came to my house.

The day he left us, i was on my way to the hospital from my hubby's office. I received a call from cousin (Paklong's youngest daughter) told me that he's getting weaker. My hubby drove fast before it's too late. Once i reached his room, i see his heartbeat is getting weaker and weaker.. only 12 to 20 heartbeat. He was so calm. I call my sister, she said she's on he way with mama. That time i was worried if my mama didn't get a chance to see him before he go but it was too late. 30mins after i called my sister, he left us calmly. My mama came, hug me and cried. Seeing his only brother left her alone. But she is a very strong woman i know. She has no one except her own family.

I pray Allah S.W.T. to forgive his sins and place him with good people.. I love you and miss you so much Paklong. All my memories with you will always be in heart.


With Love,