Memory in Morocco

Hello readers.. Its December already..yup I know its a lil late to update this picture. Well i know here in Malaysia doesn't snow but i loveeeee winter. Back in early year 2000 i stayed in Rabat, Morroco since 2002 until 2004 something like that. But the place that i lived doesn't snow but on winter the coldness is sooo freezing.. On that winter time i prefer staying at home than going out but during night time i like to go out to see all the lights in town..drinks hot chocolate and a lovely hot Morrocan dish. I miss staying there becuase i love the view and the cultural..especially their arts..

I share a few picture from Mr.Google about Morocco..

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Morocco is in north Africa.. It's quite near to Spain however i didn't get to reach there due to flood so we had to go back..(it was frustrated) I don't remember how many hours to get to Spain from Rabat. Casablanca is the Capital city in Morocco. The most snowy place is in Fez.. I get to play the snow that time.. It was awesome..white snow everywhere,

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Casablanca Mosque..right next to the beach. I didn't get to go in but my sister and my mum said  woman pray underground the Mosque. They said it was really big. I wish i could go there again but it was quite far from Rabat.. Didn't go there often.

Morrocan Bazar (Marketplace)

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This is Moroccan market place. Outside you only see a wall full of cars but when you go inside the wall you see so many kinds of clothes shops, shoe shops, light shop and many more. In Rabat theres a town called Madinah and in Madinah theres a huge wall where you dont see whats behind it. But when you enter it's just so speechless. I share a few more picture whats behind the walls.

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More Lights.. They are all handmade and quite cheap too.

Related image

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Tarjins pot.. My mum collect them quite a lot. There's also tiny sizes for decorations.

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Moroccan pointy shoes.. I donno why they are pointy but i think it's quite unique
Handmade carpet..

Morrocan Food

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This is their breakfast.. More like roti canai but the taste is a bit different. They eat with butter & jam with Shai (mint tea) and orange juice.

Image result for traditional moroccan food breakfast
And ofcoz..pancake.. its their favorite too.

Related image
Lunch time.. They will be gathering and eat using one whole plate of Tarjin with couscous. They will eat course by course. 
1st the main dish,, 2nd the sweet dish (dessert) 3rd the fruit dish and 4th the hot coffee and tea.

That's all for today.. i will share my pictures when I have the time..hehe

With Love,

I'm officially 31 years old


Hi all.. lat October i'm 31 years old.. yes i'm saying loud and clear..haha.. But i felt like i'm not in 30's at all..wink*

In my office we have this Celebrate someone birthday with a surprise and bought a cake sharing with those who's in the office. But most of the time is like first come first serve coz we don't buy a huge whole cake thing. But that time on my birthday, they don't celebrate with the colleagues.. My 3 friends and i decided to have lunch at Koryo-Won Restaurant IOI citymall. I didn't expect my friend are going to make a birthday surprise for me. After we ate i saw my friend went to the counter so i thought she requested for the bill but unfortunately she asked the waiter to bring out the cake for me. But it ended up the waiter bring a box with a cake inside. They laughed so they opened the box, take out the cake and gave them to me.. They said just assume the cakes has a candle on top of it. So i pretend that there's a candles and i blew it to the invisible candles..haha.

Actually they bought 2 cakes for me.. One is a coffee flavour the one on the picture and the other one is ice-cake from Baskin Robbin..yumyum..

I'm officially 31 yo...

Before my birthday my beloved hubby gave me a Danial Wellington watch for ladies.. Love it so much.. Ooo here's the picture i grab from Mr.Google..

Nice hey..

Well actually there more to tell.. wait for my next story..toodless..

With love,

Hello November

Times flies.. yesterday was the day my late Paklong left our family. It has been a year and i felt it so quickly that day goes by.. I saw my mum's face, sad but she just act naturally.. My late Paklong is the only brother she had in her life. I miss him terribly. I miss his jokes, his loud voice (just like my mum), his laugh and many more. Anyway i don't wanna talk about my late Paklong coz it'll make me cry..huhu

Ok...tomorrow i'm going to start swimming lesson in Putrajaya.. The promotion is quite cheap otherwise it'll cost around rm200 plus if its for 2 pax. but i get to pay RM95 for 7 pax and all of them are all my colleagues including my cousin.. she's also working at my place.. felt like a family whenever i work here. Last week my hubby was excited to ask me buy some swimming suit for myself and that day after work we straight away go to the mall nearby Putrajaya.. Not in Alamanda but we went to IOI citymall coz that is our second favorite mall and I just bought them in Parkson which is quite reasonable. Well our 1st favorite mall is Setiacity mall coz its not that quite busy than other mall.

This year i will be going for a trip in Malaysia.. and also next year in Sabah.. Possibly end of next year i will go to Japan since my hubby really wanted to go there..haha.. Kite ikut aja.. ok la nak sambung keje plak.. eh tiba2 cakap melayu.. Tata you all.. wait for my next update..InsyaAllah.

With love,

Mak, doakan saya..


"Ibu bapalah yang melahirkan dan menjaga kepada kamu, lebih baik kamu bertanyakan khabar mereka hari-hari. Seseorang berkata, "Eh, hari-hari?" Ya, sepertimana kamu hari-hari mesej dengan kawan-kawan, sahabat-sahabat dan isteri-isteri mu. Mesej lah ibu bapa kamu juga."

"Nak ke mana-mana hantarlah mesej kepada ibu bapa mu. "Saya di restoran", "Saya di office". Kenapa tak nak buat dengan ibu bapa kamu macam ni?" Mak, saya nak pergi kerja, doakan saya". Tak perlu call, mesej sahaja. Kalau mereka tiada handphone, belikanlah untuk mereka macam handphone isterimu. Buat untuknya whatsapp."

"Supaya apa? Supaya hari-hari boleh mintak doa dari ibumu. Barakah! Barakah! Ulama kata, orang yang ibu bapanya masih hidup tak perlu dia mintak doa daripada sesiapa pun. Tidak perlu. Malaikat Allah berkata kepada anak Adam yang ibu bapanya masih hidup."

""Wahai anak Adam, jalanlah sahaja. Maka sesungguhnya Allah memeliharamu dengan barakah doa ibu bapamu." Tetapi apabila ibu bapamu sudah meninggal, para malaikat berkata kepadamu; "Wahai anak Adam, berusahalah sungguh-sungguh. Buat kebaikan dan mintalah doa daripada orang-orang soleh dan para ulama."

"Maka sesungguhnya pintu doamu sudah tertutup. Maka buatlah pintu yang lain." Maknanya apabila seseorang hendak keluar daripada rumahnya, bermusafir atau pergi kerja. Telefon ibumu. "Mak doakan saya."

Saya nampak Habib Umar hari-hari sebelum dia buat apa-apa selepas Qiammulail, solat Subuh, Wirdul Latif kalau dia musafir dia akan call ibunya."

"Hari-hari call ibu dia. "Sihat? Apa khabar? Doakan saya, saya di tempat sekian." Lebih daripada isteri-isterinya.

Ibu bapa barakah! Doa mereka makbul. Dan ulama kata, kalau seseorang ibu bapanya masih hidup, dia masih kecil walaupun umurnya sudah seratus tahun. Saya pernah dalam satu kelas dengan Habib Masyhur."

"Habib Masyhur adalah abang kepada Habib Umar yang berumur tujuh puluh tahun keatas dan ketika itu ibunya masih hidup. Suatu hari kami sedang belajar dengan beliau, kitab Fiqih.
Dia berkata; "Tahukah kamu sebenarnya saya masih kecil. Walaupun saya sudah berumur tetapi hakikatnya saya masih kecil. Selagi ibu saya hidup, saya masih kecil." Benar, apabila dia duduk dengan ibunya, Subhanallah."

"Memang macam kanak-kanak, cium tangan, cium lutut dan kaki ibunya. Duduk macam kanak-kanak dengan ibunya. Barakah! Pintu syurga di bawah kaki ibu. Doa ibu makbul. Tiada hijab antara doanya dengan Allah سبحانه وتعالى. Ambillah peluang! Bagi orang yang ibu bapanya masih hidup, pintu syurga di sisi mereka. Rahmat Allah di sisi mereka! Pintu rezeki zahir dan batin di sisi mereka!"

"Sebelum pergi mana-mana kalau malu nak call, hantarlah mesej. "Ibu tolong doakan saya, saya nak pergi kerja", "Ibu tolong doakan saya, saya di sini", "Ibu, Alhamdulillah saya sudah balik daripada kerja" Kita buat dengan isteri kita macam ni. Pergi restoran hantar mesej. Pergi kerja hantar mesej. "Sudah makan ke?", "Makan apa?", "Tengah buat apa?" tetapi ibu bapa kita lupakan. Tak bolehlah macam ni."

"Macam mana yang kamu buat dengan isterimu, buatlah dengan ibumu. Barakah! Allah سبحانه وتعالى memeliharamu dengan barakah ibu bapamu. Kepada yang ibu bapa masih hidup, semoga Allah panjangkan umur mereka Insya Allah."

"Semoga Allah سبحانه وتعالى berikan kesihatan dan keafiatan kepada mereka. Kepada ibu bapa yang sudah meninggal, semoga Allah سبحانه وتعالى, jadikan roh-roh mereka bersama para syuhada, siddiqin dan ariffin. 
Amin. Insya Allah."

Something i found last weekend..


Hari ni mood ngantuk sangat tapi mata duk menahan nk buat keje and saje je nak update blog just to get rid of my sleepy eyes to shut..Anyway this morning at 3am i received a sms and i just ignore coz i often got a msg from unknown and spam msg.. However my sister miss-called me telling that she's the one u msged me. LoL... Rupanya baby yusuf demam..

Aini bangun and pegi kt bilik dia rasa panas dahi Yusuf, jadi Aini kejut suami nk bg tau dia yang Aini nk bwk adik n yusuf g klinik.. Dgn mamai suami Aini cakap ok, park kete dpn klinik. So bila kitorg dh siap nak bukak gate..tup..tup.. suami Aini turun tangga minta kunci.. rupanya dia bgn terus bersiap bwk kitorg g klinik. Nak ketawa pun ada sbb pada mulanya dia mcm sedar x sedar.. Pastu dia ckp jgn keluar berdua skrg mcm2 berlaku.. So i said ok and i giggled..hehehe

Sampai klinik dekat kul 3.45am.. pukul 4am baru dpt jumpa doctor.. dia tdo kot sebab dia keluar dr bilik lain. Mujur la ada klinik 24jam kat area rumah Aini.. Klau tak mmg kene tunggu yg bukak kul 10am la. Temperature Yusuf naik 38, so doc bagi ubat masuk buntut dan dia bagi ubat demam n antibiotic.. 

(That's me on the left, my one and only sister on the right) Ni yusuf dah besar panjang.. Skrg dah 2 bulan setgh.. tgk depan mata mcm umur 4 atau 5 bulan je.. Dukung pun dah lenguh2 dh..hehe.. Dalam usia mcm ni Yusuf suka ckp dengan org and ketawa sorang2..Haha 

Sebenarnya nak cerita pasal bende lain so dah lari tajuk skit..hehe

Pernah tak you all makan ice cream jipangi? Actually bentuk dia agak pelik and its like 18++ punya rate la..haha.. Aini pegi tempat AvenueK nak lunch.. dari tingkat bawah sampai la ke atas majority byk makanan yang tak Halal.. Mostly byk serve dgn beer.. So dgn kaki penat kitorg suami isteri pusing aleh2 makan burger je.. Pastu ada la ternampak kedai ni jual ice cream panjang tu. Selepas makan burger suami Aini suruh beli ice cream tu (Jipangi nama dia). Suami tunggu kt kedai burger tu sbb mmg xde orang. So Aini pegi lah beli dan makan kt kedai burger tu.. xnak makan sambil berjalan sbb nampak mcm lucah je..haha. Rasa dia mcm ice cream biasa kt McD tu, cumanya cone dia tu rs sedap dan tebal. Rasa mcm keropok jagung pun ada. But it'll be my 1st and last. Payah nak makan pun ada, rasa segan nak makan pun ada. Mmg x habis so Aini share dgn suami sbb masa tu Aini ambik size original so mmg panjang la.. Baik ambik size junior je hari tu..huhu..

Ni la ice-cream yang Aini n suami makan.. hahaha
Klau keluar makan ni sorang2 mmg tebal muka..hehehehe

Ni kedai burger yang kami suami isteri makan. Design dia sgt mcm 70s 80s.. makanan dia yang wrap daging n nasi tu sedap cuma mac n cheese kureng skit rasa dia..tempat dia dh dekat nk access ke LRT KLCC.

Ok mata dah segar balik.. So see you next topic..tata

With Love,

The new makeup i love for now


Hello readers.. there's something i wanna share..

MAC 'Look in A Box' 2016 released ON 1st August 2016.
2 types of brush kit & 5 make up kit with price range RM250-280. My friends and I have reserved few boxes and it was satisfied compared you buy for 1 brush it'll be a bit expensive. Most stuffs price at MAC increased too by this August..

My friends bought a few stock foundation and lipstick last month because the price is way costing than the current one. So i did grab 1 'Look in A Box' for brushes only coz last week i already bought new lipstick color that i really like. 

I found my best colour n i love it. Cost RM 75.00

This is the new Lancome Juicy Shaker Lip Gloss. They have all kinds of flavor and colours that you like.. The smell are so yummy like you just wanna lick your lips out..haha. All flavor smells like all kinds of fruits.

all you have to do is SHAKE ITand DAP IT

Here are a few kinds of Juicy Shaker below

Cost RM 95.00 each
Try one for yourself.

With Love

Salam Syawal..


Salam Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin bagi yang mengenali diri Aini ini.. Maaf sebab sudah agak lama Aini x update blog tentang life Aini. 

Kalau diikutkan hati Aini mmg nak update blog 3 kali seminggu atau lebih tp disebabkan laptop Aini tu ada masalah dari segi keyboardnya yang tak semua boleh guna huruf2 tu. Bila nak tekan salah satu huruf ni dia xmau keluar.. leceh tul.. Nak beli laptop baru x kesampaian lg. Jadi klau nak update di opis boleh je tp keje sgt banyak so x sempat nak buat.

Macam mana dgn raya you all tahun ni..? Baju raya Aini tahun ni pakai yg dah sedia ada. Aini ambik baju bridesmaid tahun lepas dan Aini ubah skit di bahagian pergelangan tangan dan pinggang. Aini dtg jumpa tailor nak ambik baju ray tp malangnya bahagian tangan tu dia salah buat dan agak x berapa puas hati tp nak buat mcm mana dh mmg x sempat nk suruh dia buat. Lagipun masa tu dia mmg dh tinggal sorang je yg jahit baju orang. Pembantu dia semua dh berhenti sbb ada masalah peribadi. So masa tangkap gambar 1 family mmg x nmpk sgt la sbb gmbr jauh,, Ni gambar raya Aini tahun ini..

Dan tahun ni kami sambut raya ber Enam.. Nampak x anak buah Aini yang tomei tu.. Sedap plak dia tgh tido bila kite tgh bergambar. Lepas dah bergambar 1 family..Aini nk bergambar dengan Yusuf Idlan pula.. Puas juga lah nak dpt gambar yang cantik sebab masa tu dia dh berjaga dari tido.

Ni 1st picture.. Yusuf boleh angkat kaki tunjuk depan camera lak..hehe

Ni picture yang keberapa pun xtau baru nampak ok tp Yusuf tertido plak..Haha

Selepas makan semua, Aini balik ke rumah MIL di cheras kejap jumpa family belah hubby. Lepas waktu Asar.. Aini n hubby balik ke rumah Aini pack barang and terus balik kampung bersama orang tua Aini. Adik n hubby dia balik kemudian..Aini n hubby plan raya tua Aini balik dgn adik sampai raya ke .. Aini kene balik rumah dah sebab Isnin depan tu Aini n hubby keje tp bila tgk berita and bukak PLUS Apps kat fon tgk jam teruk sgt so Aini bertolak hari esoknya jam 8 pagi. 

Ok itu saje cerita raya Aini tp sebenarnya byk cerita pada hari raya pertama hingga kedua tu. Nnt2 la kite cerita ye..hehe nak sambung wat keje jap. 

"Tata semua.. nanti jangan lupa singgah blog Aunty Yusuf lg ye.. 
Camat Hari Raya.."

With Love,

Anak buah baru di bulan yang mulia


Selamat Berpuasa u all..

Pada 1 Jun 2016, jam 7.54pagi adik Aini selamat melahirkan anak yang comel iaitu anak lelaki. Alhamdulillah Aini dh bergelar Maklong.. Officially dh ada anak buah sendiri. Klau tak anak buah belah husband mmg ramai lah.. Aini n adik 2 beradik perempuan je.. sekali Allah kurnikan zuriat pada adik Aini baby boy.. Ya Allah.. mmg seronok sgt bila lihat gmbr masa dia br lepas lahir tu.. sebiji mcm muka adik Aini masa dia baby dulu.. bibir dan hidung mmg sama. Tp ada org kata bila dh 2 atau 3 bulan lebih baru nmpk muka dia ikut sape..

Nama baby ni adalah Yusuf Idlan Bin Ibrahim. Mmg nmpk hensem dan cantik mcm ibu ayah dia. Nama yusuf sgt sesuai dgn muka kecomelan dan hensem dia tu. Maaf Aini x dpt nak share gmbr dia. I have to respect her willing not to show his face.. I have no idea how many pictures of him in my memory.. blum lagi bila dia dh besar nnt. But i can only share just a few parts from his face..That which my sister is allow me to show coz that picture she already share on social media..hehe..

Dengan gambar yang Aini tunjuk ni you all boleh picture kot mcm mana rupa dia.. anggap dia copy paste muka adik Aini kt muka baby Yusuf..hehe

Betapa lebatnye rambut dia kan..?

Oklah nnt Aini update lg ye.. tata.. tak sabar nak jumpa Yusuf setiap kali balik dr keje..

With Love,

Back rib pain


Pagi ini sangat malang.. Pergi toilet pusing badan nak pegang paip at last back rib twisted. Sempat pagi td minta hubby gosok belakang dengan minyak panas sebelum pegi keje. It really hurts whenever you move or twist your body a bit..feel wanna cry. Ingat masuk opis ada rasa kurang sikit tp ni tak.. bertambah sakit ada la..

Balik kene gosok skit bagi minyak panas serap tempat bengkak tu.. Rasanya mcm dah bengkak skit sebab rasa keras. 

My friend said try to stretch your body gently until u feel a bit relief. Leter do it again.. Yes i did what she told me and it really works eventho the pain comes again a few minutes later. So i have to often my a light exercise.. 

Kalau tak baik jugak baru pegi klinik..

Itu je nk cakap sbb mata rasa ngantuk lah..haha

With Love,

Fabulousheejab my kindda favourite jubah dress..


selamat pagi.. Hari ni seperti biasa akan sampai opis awal sejam.. so boleh la godek2 blog, fb n lain2.. Bulan Feb n Mac setaip hari g keje akan solat subuh di RnR ataupun kt opis je sbb waktu dia kan lewat so takut stuck kt traffic jam.. Kul 6am dh keluar dr rumah dh itupun tgk ada org keluar awal dari Aini. So sekarang waktu subuh dh masuk awal jadi Aini solat kt rumah je lah..

Nothing much to say, just nak share gambar kt bawah ni..

I'm on their IG baby...

It was last Friday, masuk je xde orang langsung.. mmg heaven la nk shopping time tu x perlu berebut tolak2 mcm kt kedai tudung F tu.. Ooops..!! Anyway, masa tu tgh duk sale sampai 4 April. jadi mmg Aini tekad nak beli bukan untuk diri sendiri tapi untuk my darling mama.. Alhamdulillah mama Aini suka.. and rasa mcm nak beli untuk diri sendiri plak kali harga asal balik la kot.. Klau ada sale lagi mmg akan pegi sana bailk la.. This is the 2nd time Aini shopping kat Fabulousheejab ni. Boleh beli melalui online ataupun pegi kat kedai dia. Aini selalu pegi di Bangi Sentral sbb agak dekat dgn opis..  

Baju ni yang Aini beli untuk my darling mama..

Cantik kan??

Last time Aini beli ni..

Aini beli yang warna hitam sebelah

Aini suka material dia sbb x panas and also tak lah mahal sangat.. Pernah gak pegi kat Imaan Boutique yang tu pun cantik design jubah dia tapi tak mampu sgt Aini nak beli..mahal..huhu tp tgk jugak jenis2 jubah yang kite nak..

Ok thats all guys..catch you another topic..hehe


How do i take care of my skin..

Good morning.. its almost lunch and i might wanna lunch a bit early today or maybe for a week coz my boss is on course, way out from here..hehe..

So, just wanna share my routine make up everyday whenever i go to work or going outdoor i will use only this makeup.. Some people ask me how do i take care of my skin without hardly see any pimples well i do have pimples whenever i'm in you know.. And whenever i have pimples just about to show or pop on my face i use Body Shop Tea Tree oil for pimples..

Cost only RM39

As picture below are my make-up that i usually use daily in and out.. But i didn't use it when i'm at home i only use the Safi moisturizer .

The 4 round in that long case is kindda like a lip gloss (Victoria Jackson) but using a small brush thats includes all. Sorry this picure makes the colour dull but its actually bright and natural colour. I don't really like Red chilli colour thing or maroon..makes me look so weird.

This brand that i normally use because it suits my skin and no dry skin at all.. The foundation actually i use Victoria Jackson but since it's already finish and i didn't buy a new one yet so i just try out my future sister in law new foundation from Kelantan, Siti Beauty Foundation (SBF). So far i use it is ok and really makes my skin more fairer and natural look.

I like using Etude product coz it's more from Korea and their product really suits me especially the eyeliner and the eye shadow. As you see the eye shadow I use the stick bronze colour coz you don't even have to use any brush.. 

For moisturize my skin before make up I use Safi.. 

And also this one i keep it in my office..

And for cleanser

Safi is the very most product i can use for my skin...My skin are so sensitive which i hardly try other product and it did't work well..

Ok that's all for now.. off to lunch.. Any further questions you wanna ask just jot down under comments... Tata

With Love,


My 5th Anniversary

5 years married couple..who else? Ofcoz its me and my beloved hubby..
Eventho we are still the 2 of us..InsyaAllah sooner or later it will be 3 of us.. 
Just keep praying and never give up..
Thank you for giving me ur love more and more..

We've been having a lot of faith.. 
There's sadness and happiness..
And i'm so grateful having a wonderful hubby like you.

Today 6th March is my 5th Anniversary
Didn't go on my 1st honeymoon yet but i'm sure it will be the best honeymoon ever... We've decided to have our 1st honeymoon in Malaysia but donno when.
Maybe a place that is quiet and also with beautiful mother nature..
Any suggestions guys..?

Thanks in advance..

With Love,

Working on weekends

I donno what TGI stands for, does anyone know?
Yeah i'm working today.. high spirit..hehe
anyway tomorrow i'm also working on painting my own precious bedroom.. 
wanna make it cozy and whenever i go to my room i feel i wanna sleep..

The colours i will update later..
Happy weekends my friend..

With Love,

Mood cuti lagi

Mood cuti lagi ni.. 3 hari tak masuk ofis. start bercuti since last Saturday until Wednesday..
Kite bercuti di Penang.. nnt kite update ye..

Rasa malas nk wat koje..!! dh la tadi duk black out lebih 3 kali.. baik kuar lunch awal kan.. 
Nak makan apa ye..?


New year not yet the new me


Happy New Year guys.. i know its a bit late to wish but i've been completely busy since early this year or maybe till end of this year but I will take my precious free time for blogging and blog walking ok..

So what's your wish for this year? Did you get to fulfill your dreams last year or maybe will keep on continuing for this year? I have mine too but i just keep on continue until i finally achieve my dreams..InsyaAllah.

Untuk tahun ini Aini masih lagi belum buat appointment dgn LPPKN sbbnya period aini dh lambat sebulan lebih. Smlm buat UPT test -ve.. last week minta ubat keluarkan period dr klinik, dh hbs makan pun tp still x period. Hati sangat buntu sampai rs nak beli mcm2 supplement untuk keluarkan period. So hari ini Aini pegi Watson beli 21stCentury B-complex.. adik Aini slalu amalkan sebelum dia preggy. Aini dh byk supplement, byk jamu aini makan tp belum ada rezeki lagi. 

Bulan Mac ini sudah 5 tahun aini berkahwin. Period masih x normal, mungkin berat badan Aini semakin meningkat dan mungkin sebab itulah susah nk melekat.. Setiap hari ahad pagi Aini exercise dgn mama Aini.. 1st day nmpak peyut buncit.. and nxt week lak mama Aini tegur peyut dh nmpk kempis.. mungkin salah satunya Aini ada pakai corset Premium Beautiful.. itupun baru nk mula pakai balik sbbnya badan dh bolat. Bila pakai corset terasa sgt rasa ketatnya.. Dannn mungkin Aini ni terlampau ikut nafsu nk makan bende2 yang manis.. makanan yg agak western.. so skrg ni control skit la.. Klau dh berkawan dgn orang yang kuat makan, kite pun sama kuat makan..huhuhu

With Love Aini