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Hello readers.. there's something i wanna share..

MAC 'Look in A Box' 2016 released ON 1st August 2016.
2 types of brush kit & 5 make up kit with price range RM250-280. My friends and I have reserved few boxes and it was satisfied compared you buy for 1 brush it'll be a bit expensive. Most stuffs price at MAC increased too by this August..

My friends bought a few stock foundation and lipstick last month because the price is way costing than the current one. So i did grab 1 'Look in A Box' for brushes only coz last week i already bought new lipstick color that i really like. 

I found my best colour n i love it. Cost RM 75.00

This is the new Lancome Juicy Shaker Lip Gloss. They have all kinds of flavor and colours that you like.. The smell are so yummy like you just wanna lick your lips out..haha. All flavor smells like all kinds of fruits.

all you have to do is SHAKE ITand DAP IT

Here are a few kinds of Juicy Shaker below

Cost RM 95.00 each
Try one for yourself.

With Love

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  1. ida pun TERbeli banyak make up akhir2 ni . hahahahhahahha.. nice colour lipstik tuuu


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