Things i want to say..

Since on the last few days I was trying to find the best Blogger template for my blog.. Well now I'm satisfied with the current layout i'm using but yet who knows I might change a new one..Hehe. And I found the most sentimental music for my blog, as you can see from the music below you can watch the video.. Quite touching tho but anyway I love it.. The most music I like is instrument songs especially piano..

How to lose weight..? I have tried not to eat much but I still keep eating. I don't know why. I'm trying to lose weight before March 2011.. I have received many advice and tips to lose weight and I did it but it ended just a short while.. Every time, every day I keep on checking my weight and I don't see any changes.. *Boohoo.. I seldom exercise maybe that's because of it.. I easily get wheezing whenever I jog or even play hard sports, it's tough for me.. *Sigh

Oh, thanx for reading.. Do send me a comment.. or I'll send you a comment.. or..
we do the comment together.. *Wink

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Last Minute..

Well today was an unexpected day... Very rushing to me but i just accepted. This morning i received a call from someone that they want a banner for family day. They want it for this Saturday so once i hang up i call my supplier and luckily they willing to do it but still it was a rushing thing to do. Please..Please no last minute request, if one week earlier is still ok for me.. It really gives me headache for last minute request but its because that i don't want to disappoint them i just proceed and it end up as below..

Well at least they satisfied with the simple design..

~Bright Eye~

Lets Donate Blood

Late 8th October 2010, i donate my blood to The Ministry of Health at Percint 1, Putrajaya. 
It was my very first time to donate my blood. My blood type is O. Since i started to seat and lay back my heart beats fast.. All in my mind was keep praying and praying just to let me calm down coz i'm really scared of needle. But it's because i have the intention to donate since i was high school so i have the courage to do so. Here's my picture below.

Small bag on my arm, blood feels so warm

There you go..

Its about 10 - 15 mins my blood flows so fast.. After its done, i feel a lil bit dizzy.. Its like i'm flying walking on air.. That night i had a lil fever, very got sore arm and my half body.. The next morning i felt ok just a bit bruise on the spot where i got inject coz the needle is a bit bigger than i used to get shot before. Uikkksss..

My advice, if you think you can donate your blood to those who really needed.. Then please donate.. Think of a child, baby or anyone that needs to live long.. They really appreciated much and for you will get bless by Allah the Almighty.. Amin

Wedding card

Salam to everyone...

First and foremost, 4th October was my birthday and now i'm officially 25 years of age. I still can't believe i'm 25.. Next year will be 26, then 27 and so on and so on.. Time running fast..

Alhamdulillah, my wedding date has final. The card i designed had sent out to print. The idea came from my beloved fiance and the design came from me. We shared our ideas into one and it end up to be a perfectly nice and simple. Wait till you see..

~Bright Eye~

Saturday the 2nd October

Yesterday was a very exhausted day but yet it was fun.. Yesterday morning i went to the Store, Sg.Buloh. Its a shopping Mall. i went with my mum, my fiance, my sister and her boyfriend. We went to this tailor for my wedding dress. 2 wedding dress for myself n for my mum n' sis for the wedding ceremony. I have 5 months left to prepare all this. I hope everything will run smoothly.

In the afternoon i went to my fiance's friends open house. 2 places.. later that i went to get my artwork request from my cousin. Its a small business from myself and my friend Catdy. Here's the result below..


 That's my design for my cousin, studying at Uitm Melaka. It was not so bad.. Very simple tho she liked it.

Anyway, i have to end here.. my eyes are totally tired, dont have enough sleep.. Will be back with you guys soon. Good Nite..

~Bright Eye~