Memory in Morocco

Hello readers.. Its December already..yup I know its a lil late to update this picture. Well i know here in Malaysia doesn't snow but i loveeeee winter. Back in early year 2000 i stayed in Rabat, Morroco since 2002 until 2004 something like that. But the place that i lived doesn't snow but on winter the coldness is sooo freezing.. On that winter time i prefer staying at home than going out but during night time i like to go out to see all the lights in town..drinks hot chocolate and a lovely hot Morrocan dish. I miss staying there becuase i love the view and the cultural..especially their arts..

I share a few picture from Mr.Google about Morocco..

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Morocco is in north Africa.. It's quite near to Spain however i didn't get to reach there due to flood so we had to go back..(it was frustrated) I don't remember how many hours to get to Spain from Rabat. Casablanca is the Capital city in Morocco. The most snowy place is in Fez.. I get to play the snow that time.. It was awesome..white snow everywhere,

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Casablanca Mosque..right next to the beach. I didn't get to go in but my sister and my mum said  woman pray underground the Mosque. They said it was really big. I wish i could go there again but it was quite far from Rabat.. Didn't go there often.

Morrocan Bazar (Marketplace)

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This is Moroccan market place. Outside you only see a wall full of cars but when you go inside the wall you see so many kinds of clothes shops, shoe shops, light shop and many more. In Rabat theres a town called Madinah and in Madinah theres a huge wall where you dont see whats behind it. But when you enter it's just so speechless. I share a few more picture whats behind the walls.

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More Lights.. They are all handmade and quite cheap too.

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Tarjins pot.. My mum collect them quite a lot. There's also tiny sizes for decorations.

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Moroccan pointy shoes.. I donno why they are pointy but i think it's quite unique
Handmade carpet..

Morrocan Food

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This is their breakfast.. More like roti canai but the taste is a bit different. They eat with butter & jam with Shai (mint tea) and orange juice.

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And ofcoz..pancake.. its their favorite too.

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Lunch time.. They will be gathering and eat using one whole plate of Tarjin with couscous. They will eat course by course. 
1st the main dish,, 2nd the sweet dish (dessert) 3rd the fruit dish and 4th the hot coffee and tea.

That's all for today.. i will share my pictures when I have the time..hehe

With Love,