The SPOTLIGHT is on my way 2 days from now

Salam 12th Ramadhan to all my Muslims friends and greeting to my silent reader.. (do I have a silent reader?)

Have you guys heard about SPOTLIGHT in Malaysia..? 
They are just about to Open the SPOTLIGHT shop in Ampang Point this coming Saturday. 
I got the invitation last Monday or Tuesday I forgot when but my hubby and i are extremely excited and eager to go there coz there's too so much stuff in it.. Still blur right..? 
OK i'll show you the pictures below.. copied from their facebook..(^_^)

Adult & Kids Costumes 
Costume for adults and kids also available..haha

Wanna see more.. you can visit at their Facebook or Website
To get VIP card member on this Saturday click HERE

See you guys there.. (^_^)\m/

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