I can't describe myself how i feel today.. i'm restless, exhausted and over worked but i didnt even stay late in the office.. People see me in a healthy way but unfortunately no. Guess my mind keep rolling thinking bout work, thinking bout future and more.. i only stop think whenever i fall asleep but sometimes i often wake up in the middle of the night cause of the temperature in my room getting so cold, heard the sound of the rain from outside my window and sometimes...heard the sound of my hubby's snoring...haha.. I pity him coz i know he work more harder than i am in the office.. He drives every morning to work and get back from work.. he never let me drive alone coz of this rainy season that's what he worried me most.. 

Now it's almost lunch hour, however i'm still full and yes i wear PB just to get rid of that fatties..

u know.. haha 

Today alone in my room again..listening to all kinds of songs while doing my work and at the same time doing a lil jot on my infamous blog..

There's some i wanna share to y'all but wait ok.. coz it\s might be a lil bit long story but yet its full of surprises..

Actually this topic is just to release my stressful day.. Arghhhhhhh

Thank you for reading my not so great topic here 
Thank you for wasting your time to drop by..hehe

I like my lil cute blue icon.. so cute Told you its really cute

With Love,