I'm officially 31 years old


Hi all.. lat October i'm 31 years old.. yes i'm saying loud and clear..haha.. But i felt like i'm not in 30's at all..wink*

In my office we have this Celebrate someone birthday with a surprise and bought a cake sharing with those who's in the office. But most of the time is like first come first serve coz we don't buy a huge whole cake thing. But that time on my birthday, they don't celebrate with the colleagues.. My 3 friends and i decided to have lunch at Koryo-Won Restaurant IOI citymall. I didn't expect my friend are going to make a birthday surprise for me. After we ate i saw my friend went to the counter so i thought she requested for the bill but unfortunately she asked the waiter to bring out the cake for me. But it ended up the waiter bring a box with a cake inside. They laughed so they opened the box, take out the cake and gave them to me.. They said just assume the cakes has a candle on top of it. So i pretend that there's a candles and i blew it to the invisible candles..haha.

Actually they bought 2 cakes for me.. One is a coffee flavour the one on the picture and the other one is ice-cake from Baskin Robbin..yumyum..

I'm officially 31 yo...

Before my birthday my beloved hubby gave me a Danial Wellington watch for ladies.. Love it so much.. Ooo here's the picture i grab from Mr.Google..

Nice hey..

Well actually there more to tell.. wait for my next story..toodless..

With love,

Hello November

Times flies.. yesterday was the day my late Paklong left our family. It has been a year and i felt it so quickly that day goes by.. I saw my mum's face, sad but she just act naturally.. My late Paklong is the only brother she had in her life. I miss him terribly. I miss his jokes, his loud voice (just like my mum), his laugh and many more. Anyway i don't wanna talk about my late Paklong coz it'll make me cry..huhu

Ok...tomorrow i'm going to start swimming lesson in Putrajaya.. The promotion is quite cheap otherwise it'll cost around rm200 plus if its for 2 pax. but i get to pay RM95 for 7 pax and all of them are all my colleagues including my cousin.. she's also working at my place.. felt like a family whenever i work here. Last week my hubby was excited to ask me buy some swimming suit for myself and that day after work we straight away go to the mall nearby Putrajaya.. Not in Alamanda but we went to IOI citymall coz that is our second favorite mall and I just bought them in Parkson which is quite reasonable. Well our 1st favorite mall is Setiacity mall coz its not that quite busy than other mall.

This year i will be going for a trip in Malaysia.. and also next year in Sabah.. Possibly end of next year i will go to Japan since my hubby really wanted to go there..haha.. Kite ikut aja.. ok la nak sambung keje plak.. eh tiba2 cakap melayu.. Tata you all.. wait for my next update..InsyaAllah.

With love,