Wordless Wednesday

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For the last 3 days i started coughing, asthma attack and fever and heavy flu but still i go to work.. The reason i go to work is because i don't wanna let my nephew get affected by me.. 2nd i have tons of work to do, 3rd i might get bored at home due to my sickness so i prefer letting myself to get busy so i can just ignore my sickness.. But today i feel a bit better than yesterday just a heavy cough that i can't get rid of. Once you started coughing, you have a package with Asthma..boohoo..

Basically i will recover for atleast a week or two in this kind of particular condition. But sometimes kite sendiri cari penyakit nak makan macam2..haha

Ok, that's all for now..

Til then see you next chapter..

With Love,