Afzan's Wedding at Kuala Pilah, N9

Salam & greetings to readers,

Yesterday the 20th November 2010 was my ex colleague from MIHAS finally got married.. She looks beautiful but i like when she wear spectacle, she looks more cuter. We left from KL at 11am arrived at Kuala Pilah almost 2, because of traffic jam in certain places. The weather was very hot but it was a fun journey. Ok i'll end here.. enjoy the picture..

Testing the camera before leaving

I'm driving, he's snapping. (Pity.. u look exhausted dear)
Meet Mega (left )& Intan (center)

Afzan & hubby (Helmi)

Staff MIHAS & me (right)
Well, that's all for now.. my eyes a sleepy but feel hungry at the moment.. haven't had my dinner yet.. k bye for now..

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New customer..


I have design for 2 invitation cards for my two customer. It was completely satisfied for them and myself.
I slept at almost 1am to finish this 2 cards. Thanks to my sister and papa who came from work at 11:30pm and willing to join and helped me cutting out the cards without taking a shower break..hehe

Here are the cards that i made.

Invitation Card English version

Invitation Card in Malay Version

Invitation Card for Open House Aidil Adha

Visit at (my bisnez blog) for more info..(^_^)

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Engagement Day

Just wanna share with you guys.. Nothing much.. Is just a simple sweet memory..(^_^)

The day we engaged..

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