Heal The World

To all of you.. "Heal the World"
I love this song since childhood.. it really meant for the whole world.. for everyone in this world.

~Bright Eye~

For my love..

I found this poetry that really means a lot to me.  So touched that it really want to make me burst into tears. I dedicate this poetry to my loving fiance. Love you always.

Ku Mahu Kau Tahu

Saat kami berbaring di bawah bintang-bintang,
Kita tertanya-tanya siapa diri kita sebenarnya,
Aku ingin tahu apa yang kau lihat tentang diriku,
Adakah hanya luaran atau sesuatu dari dalam diriku.

Usaplah jari-jemarimu pada rambutku,
Tunjukkan padaku bahawa kau benar-benar peduli,
Hari demi hari, dan selamanya,
Ketika aku dan kau tidak mempunyai ketakutan.

Saat kau katakan kau mencintaiku,
Saat itulah aku memberikan kunci,
Untuk hati, jiwa dan fikiranku,
Aku senang untuk tahu bahawa kau milikku.

Aku mahu bertahan selamanya,
Untuk kita akan selalu bersama,
Merasa sakit atau kemanisan bersama,
Aku ingin kau selalu berada dekat denganku.

Dalam setiap pelukan dan kucupan,
Saat aku bersamamu aku merasakan wujud cinta sejati antara kita.
Memelukku erat dan tidak mahu membiarkan aku pergi,
Jangan biarkan aku hilang dilautan yang luas.

Kerana aku milikmu, selamanya itu pasti,
Aku milikmu untuk selama-lamanya.
Janji dipatri bahawa setiap kata-kataku dengan sesungguhnya,
Tanpamu disisi, aku mati tak mahu hidup pun tak mampu..

~Bright Eye~

1 Night at Juaseh

Since it’s my first time visit my fiancé’s home village at Juaseh, Negeri Sembilan, I felt excited and nervous too. I left home at 1pm and reached at almost 4pm. I went with my fiancé and his mother. Actually the distance is just around 2 hours travelling but it’s because of the traffic jammed and drop at the nearest pit stop to fill our empty stomach.

Entrance to the main gate

 The left house is his grandma's house, i called her Wan. Straight way to the yellow house is empty. No one lives there for years. Very quiet.. not just very but it's extremely quiet especially at night. The house is surrounded by palm trees. i can't tell how wide it is and all i can see there are only 3 houses including the yellow house i mentioned.

From backyard
As you can see from the car is the entrance gate. I snap this picture from the back of the house. Quite big isn't it yet still quiet and i cant believe i was alone at the back there.

At that night i didn't get to sleep well.. I think i slept at 4am.. the others were sleeping so calmly except me. I don't know what was i thinking, all i could hear was the sound of the wind and the little insects from outside. Guess it was the cricket. At 3.30am i was sweat, suddenly sweat. It was creepy but Alhamdulillah i didn't see anything weird..

Adorable cat
This cat came from nowhere. Wan take care of this cat until now. That morning i ate fried rice for breakfast, she keeps scratching the door because she also wants to eat. Then Wan gave her a small amount of fried rice and she likes it. "kampung cat" hehe..

Peeling coconut shell
After i had breakfast, i get a chance to peel the coconut shell. Peeling the coconut shell is hard as it seems, for a lady.  I used full of my energy to peel off the shell. Its hard but it was fun. I don't have this kind of peeling thing at my home village. hehe

I left from Juaseh at 5.15pm. Wan wants me and others to sleep one more night but i can't make it for one more night. i really felt pity for her because she lives alone in that big house. I will visit her again someday. 

~Bright Eye~


Salam & Good Day,

Since its my 1st time blogging, I'll introduce a little bit about myself.

I'm the eldest daughter in my family. I have a wonderful parents and a 2 years younger sister (the one and only sister). I have a loving fiancé and a best friend from college i met (Catdy).

I create this blog is to share my activities with you guys. Just to express my feelings, share my interest with you. You can also give your opinions to share with.

I love arts since childhood but sometimes i don't even have much time to do like i did before. My dreams is to have my own Art Gallery which created by me but it seems to be a long way to get there.

Well, i got to go. There's unfinished business i haven't done yet.. Get back to u soon.. Tata

~Bright Eye~