At Sunway Lagoon

This is a picture of me and my sister.. the one wearing colourful shawl is my sister..She's 2 years younger than me but unfortunately I'm shorter than her..huhu so jealous..So i decide to sit down ..actually that wasn't my thought to do so..hehe.. we were so tired, that was when we done all the activities in Sunway so thats why i want to sit down so she join.. credit to my dearest hubby, Azmeer whom snap a beautiful shots.. well he's actually a good photographer.. (bangganya..!! hehe)

kek yg tomei..

hi..ntah mcm mana BE leh bukak web ni.. nmpk kek ni menarik sgt.. dorang lukis guna edible markers.

ni pen yg boleh decorate atas kek/biskut..

Nak tgk tak kek yg BE ckpkan td..?

doodle cake 
So simple and colourful

doodle rainbow cake
very colourful inside out

Wish i have a birthday cake like this.. (^_^)