Road Blocks ATTENTION..

Hi ni BE dpt drpd adik BE..mcm biasa forward emel.. sape yg duk KL atau nak balik keje ke KL atau sebaliknye.. Today its gonna be a tough road.. Sudah tentu traffic jam.. List kt bawah ni tmpt road block di kawasan Kuala Lumpur..

POLICE ROAD BLOCKS (To be confirmed) 27/04/12 10.30am

In view of the upcoming Bersih 3.0 sit-in at Dataran Merdeka on Saturday, 28/4, authorities may be manning road blocks at the following locations effective 1800hrs (6.00pm) Friday, 27/04/2012:

1. After Jalan Duta Toll (KL bound - Opposite the new Palace);
2. Jalan Parlimen (Leading to the Lake Gardens);
3. In front of the old Palace (Both directions);
4. After the Sg. Besi Toll leading to KL;
5. Jalan Tun Razak (3 locations)
6. Cheras junction leading into the city;
7. Opposite the American Embassy;
8. Jalan Ampang;
9. City centre – opposite bangunan Daya Bumi;
10. Jalan Ipoh – opposite the old Sentul IPD (District Police Headquarters)

Nape highlight warna merah..? Sebab tmpt itu lah boleh buat kite sakit kepala yg amat sgt.. Hmmm hari ni BE kene lalu jalan Tol Sg.Besi..adoiiiiiii..!!!!!!!

Klau la road block Malaysia boleh buat mcm ni xde lah jam sgt2 kan.. tp...


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