Jom ke Blog BE..tentu readers suka..


BE ada add beberapa lagu daripada seorang musician yg hebat,,mungkin orang pernah dgr lagu dia tp tak kenal siapa orangnye.. Bila readers dgr mmg terasa amatlah tenang..
Lagu yang paling BE suka Adagio in C Minor. Memang terasa nak terbang je.. chewahh

The musician are:


Yanni was born on November 14, 1954, in KalamataGreece, and began his career by giving recitals for family members though he had no formal training and could not read musical notes. He was also a competitive swimmer in Greece and set a national record in the 50-meter freestyle competition at the age of 14.[2] At the age of 18, he attended the University of Minnesota.[3] As a student, Yanni joined an upcoming local group called Chameleon where he met drummer Charlie Adams.[4] Chameleon earned some modest commercial success touring throughout the Midwest, particularly in the states of MinnesotaIowaWisconsinIllinois and South Dakota. After receiving a B.A. inpsychology in 1976,[3] he sought a life in music. He moved to Los Angeles, in pursuit of movie soundtrack work. In 1987 he put together a small band which included John Tesh and Charlie Adams, and began touring to promote his earliest instrumental albums, Keys to ImaginationOut of Silence, and Chameleon Days.

Ok, ini semua BE ambik drpd wikipedia..hehe. Nak tau lebih dalam ttg diri Mr.Yanni, boleh tgk dlm website YANNI

I hope you'll enjoy his music..(^_^)


  1. As salam BE,

    First time dgr nama artis ni...Nnt nak dgrlah lagu adagio tu :))

  2. @Marya Yusof


    i hope u'll like it.. (^_^)


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