Love recipe

Good day,

I was in a very bad mood coz someone made me lost temper at work so i sms my hubby.. He told me try to watch cats or cute kittens fooling around so i did but then i watched another short story on youtube and i found this.. Before that don't forget to pause the song below my blog..

No voice but the reactions made me so calm.. i felt i'm in love..straightly my mind thinking of my hubby.. And he's now sleeping at home coz he just msg jealous..


  1. As salam BE,

    So so sweeet! Nnt nak buatlah jugak recipe tu...hik2... Tp hubby xpandai masak apalagi baking! huwaaa! ;p

  2. Waalaikumussalam,

    xpe..wat cucur udang yg cedap pun jadilah..hehe


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