Things i want to say..

Since on the last few days I was trying to find the best Blogger template for my blog.. Well now I'm satisfied with the current layout i'm using but yet who knows I might change a new one..Hehe. And I found the most sentimental music for my blog, as you can see from the music below you can watch the video.. Quite touching tho but anyway I love it.. The most music I like is instrument songs especially piano..

How to lose weight..? I have tried not to eat much but I still keep eating. I don't know why. I'm trying to lose weight before March 2011.. I have received many advice and tips to lose weight and I did it but it ended just a short while.. Every time, every day I keep on checking my weight and I don't see any changes.. *Boohoo.. I seldom exercise maybe that's because of it.. I easily get wheezing whenever I jog or even play hard sports, it's tough for me.. *Sigh

Oh, thanx for reading.. Do send me a comment.. or I'll send you a comment.. or..
we do the comment together.. *Wink

~Bright Eye~


  1. my dear my dear...
    So tips for u...

    Dont diet!! "Dieting will only make you fatter!! haha...


  2. I guess your right.. How much diet u want it still make you gain weight.. So i guess just be yourself..Be who you are, not what you are.. Right? *Wink

  3. huhu saya sekarang x berani nak timbang. tp dah rasa macam naik siket, scarryynyee.. takut baju pengantin x muat wuwuwu

  4. in a right way..bukan diet utk tidak mkn langsung..that soo not right!!

  5. dd dudu: xpe.. u xdela nmpk naik badan.. ok je.. *wink

    shaaiza: do stop/warn me if i eat too much.. hehe

  6. never mind... As long as we happy..


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