Lets Donate Blood

Late 8th October 2010, i donate my blood to The Ministry of Health at Percint 1, Putrajaya. 
It was my very first time to donate my blood. My blood type is O. Since i started to seat and lay back my heart beats fast.. All in my mind was keep praying and praying just to let me calm down coz i'm really scared of needle. But it's because i have the intention to donate since i was high school so i have the courage to do so. Here's my picture below.

Small bag on my arm, blood feels so warm

There you go..

Its about 10 - 15 mins my blood flows so fast.. After its done, i feel a lil bit dizzy.. Its like i'm flying walking on air.. That night i had a lil fever, very got sore arm and my half body.. The next morning i felt ok just a bit bruise on the spot where i got inject coz the needle is a bit bigger than i used to get shot before. Uikkksss..

My advice, if you think you can donate your blood to those who really needed.. Then please donate.. Think of a child, baby or anyone that needs to live long.. They really appreciated much and for you will get bless by Allah the Almighty.. Amin


  1. well done, dear...

    & so sorry...coz my blood just for me..

  2. sorry but i am just afraid of needles..ANTI-NEEDLE..

    p/s: how dark red n black ur blood is..kinda gross..huhu


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