Back rib pain


Pagi ini sangat malang.. Pergi toilet pusing badan nak pegang paip at last back rib twisted. Sempat pagi td minta hubby gosok belakang dengan minyak panas sebelum pegi keje. It really hurts whenever you move or twist your body a bit..feel wanna cry. Ingat masuk opis ada rasa kurang sikit tp ni tak.. bertambah sakit ada la..

Balik kene gosok skit bagi minyak panas serap tempat bengkak tu.. Rasanya mcm dah bengkak skit sebab rasa keras. 

My friend said try to stretch your body gently until u feel a bit relief. Leter do it again.. Yes i did what she told me and it really works eventho the pain comes again a few minutes later. So i have to often my a light exercise.. 

Kalau tak baik jugak baru pegi klinik..

Itu je nk cakap sbb mata rasa ngantuk lah..haha

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