Happy weekends


May you all have a very happy weekend with your family and loved ones.

I didn't get to celebrate my daughter's birthday this month 

But I promised her that I will bring her somewhere and make her enjoy her fun time

Today my hubby had to work, probably he will be home by night

So I will spend the time with Aisyah and my mum at home

from Mr.Google

I am planning to go to the nursery to buy new flowers for our garden

Seems our garden haven't much of other colors than greens

Trying to find some yellows, pinks, and reds

After I watched it from this YouTuber it really inspires me a lot

And if only I could stay in a place like her

Such calm, beautiful nature surrounded you

You can watch her YouTube at Her86m2

She also owns her personal blog too Blog Her86m2

Selamat beristirehat..

With Love,


  1. hepi wiken too aini :)

  2. how i wish i have the gardening passion as well....
    tengok orang dok tanam bunga macam seronok...tapi untuk sendiri tanam, pegang tanah, pegang flower pots hmmmmmm macam lambat je lagi


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