The Good Old Days


The Day when we were engaged ( May 2010)

The day when we as husband & wife (Mac 2011)

The Day when we as parents (July 2018)

The Day when Aisyah was chubby like buns on her arms

The Day when Aisyah wore a bear hat

With Love,

3 ulasan:

  1. alaaaaa..... dia kluar lagi virus ni tau! hahaha pape pun comel nya aishah

  2. Alolo... gerammnya tengok pipi tembam tu :D

  3. Geramnya tengok Aisyah masa baby rasa nak gomol2 je! Anak2 saya pun tangan & peha michelin masa dieorang baby, dah besar ni halus milus je badan ikut ayah dorang hehe.


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