Café au lait (Coffee with milk)


Everyone loves coffee.. so do I..
Year 2002 I stayed with my mum at Rabat Morocco. Almost 3years I stayed there.
My mum works at Malaysia Embassy. Now she's already retired. 
She is 71 years old now and still looking good.

This is my dearest mum. This picture was taken Hari Raya 2021.
On the left is my baby sister. We're 2 years diff. She's 34 this year.
Yup just me and my sis.

Ok..back to café au lait (coffee with milk) is one of the most favorite drink since I stayed in Morocco.
We drink coffee with a bit of sugar and full of fresh milk. 
We will steamed the milk and pour into the coffee. 
More like Latte though but the taste kind of different.
They use sugar cube but here in Malaysia we hardly find sugar cube so I just use a tea spoon of sugar   or more, depends on how big is my thermos or cup I use.

So everyday I will make and bring my own café au lait to the office.
I can't afford buying Starbucks everyday for that..
I'll be bankrupt.. haha

This is the different between café au lait & Latte..

You could try for your self.
I like to put a bit of sweetness in it.. 
But if you prefer without sweetness then you are a true 
coffee aficionado (coffee addicted)

Tell me what's your favorite kind of coffee..??

With Love,


  1. Sis suka Latte...tapi nak buat sendiri memang x pandai la..selalunya either Starbucks or Coffee Beans...itupun time stress jer amik....

    1. Betul bila minum time kite stress rasa lega kan..hehe

  2. Seronoknya ada pengalaman stay sana. Coffee sanalah lagilah pelbagai dan sedap kan. Saya suka apa je jenis kopi tapi prefer yang kaw sikit daripada latte.

    1. Betul kat sana mmg byk jenis coffee. Kat sana byk ikut style orang Paris.. 2nd language dorang pun French di Morocco tu.


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