Celebrate Birthday Azmeer

Salam semua..

How was your weekend..? hope u had a great time.. Sabtu lps, kakak ipar BE ajak celebrate birthday my dearest hubby, Azmeer. Kira lmbt skit sambut birthday dia sbb lum gaji lg..hehe.. xde lah, ms tu awl bulan ramai yg xde.. Birthday Azmeer pada 8hb Feb.. celebrate time ada gaji best ler.. We ate ate Flaming Steamboat, next to the new mall KL Festival City, Setapak.

Jom tgk gmbr ye..

My dear hubby.. pakai baju sedondon..hehe

Ketam kepit bibir Azmeer.. Ouchh..!!

BE dan family Azmeer di Flaming Steamboat

Tomei Hakim.. dlm KL Festival City

Credit picture from sister in-law (centre)

Ulat rainbow.. besarnya..

Happy Birthday Sayang.. (Cake : Chocolate Indulgence) yum2

Sayang BE tgh wat wish..

Fuhhhhhh...Adam pun nak tlg tiup skali..

Celebration yang happening..
BE nmpk Azmeer happy sgt disamping orang2 yang dia sayang.. (^_^)

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