My designs...

Hi readers... 
what do you this my my previous arts..?
I used from Adobe illustrator & Photoshop (^_^)

Skali tengok macam Dragon tapi BE main lukis je..Hehe

Cantik x..? BE suka yang ni..

Name in the crystal ball

Mata kucing sape lah ni ..? hehe

Yang bawah ni plak BE suka letak short sentence..sesuai dgn lukisan, i guess..hehe

Design ni utk Azmeer.. Masa tu tgh couple lagi..Hehe

Ni saje2 design..
Design ni plak, tgh duk layan lagu Close to me..

Yang ni pun tgh duk layan lagu..
Ok tak design Be..? Just a simple design not that too bom bas tic.. hehe..

"My designs came from my hands that creates art- BrightEye"



  1. lovely!! i like all...
    specially yg last tu...Lets go back.. back to the beginning..

  2. Lets go back.. back to the beginning..


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