For you...

If i could fly, i would fly high up in the sky,
Touch the soft cloud as a cotton, smooth in cool air,
Myself are surrounded with white and blue,
Then from far comes a person that who really loves you.

I smile, i run towards him and hug him as tight as i can,
So he knows that i love him too.
I want him beside me wherever i go,
Til now and then, he knows i want him more.

My dear, my love, my only man,
How can i live without you by my side.
Give me your arms and hold me tight,
Until the day turn into night.

For all the faith that we've been thru,
Its give us test from Allah the Almighty.
Lets pray and doa for our good life,
For HE to give us a beautiful light.

My dearest husband
May Allah hears our prayer
BrightEye will give you happiness to share
Happiness, sadness and joyful I care
For you to be my life in pair

::Daripada BE untuk Azmeer::



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