my hand art

hi readers...

Esk dh mula keje ke..? BE cuti lagi..hahaha (evil laugh).. leh relax2 lagi.. (^_^)
ok..just nak share dgn readers.. what do u think about my new art..? actually lukisan ni dh lama dh..start bout 2 months ago then BE missplaced sketch book ni.. pastu kemas2 rupanya dlm laci bilik bwh.. punya lah excited  nak habiskan lukisan ni.. Nothing much to say.. do leave a comment.. Good nite

nice tak.. i know it's a lil dizzy but i like it..hehe


  1. Zana: syokkan cuti lama..hehe.. esk dh mula keje dh.. tgh cuti ni ada lg staff duk tanya itu tanya ini..huhu


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