At Thistle Port Dickson Resort

hi..dah mamam semua..? Hari ni BE mamam sate.. my one and only papa made it.. Papa BE wat sate sedap.. ok, with no reason BE saje nak letak gmbr Azmeer tgh gosok baju semasa Azmeer kt outstation di PD selama 3 hari 2minggu lps.. i know, citer ni dh lama dh tp saje je nk update citer lama.. boleh kannnnn..
BE xde masa tu, BE duk umah ler..huhu.. cian Azmeer kene gocok baju sendiri..jom tgk..

Suami sape lah yg rajin duk gocok baju sendiri (^_^)

At Thistle Port Dickson Resort, best tgk swimming pool tu..
rs nak terjun je dr ats.. hehe
Cantik kan tempat dia..


  1. huhu... cam best!!... this weekend I pegi Bukit Gambang Resort City... weeehiii...

  2. mesti la best.. 5STAR hotel tuuuuu....


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