1st day at Thistle Hotel Port Dickson

Hi readers,

Did u have a great weekend..? I know i did.. i'm following my dearest hubby staying at the Thistle Port Dickson Resort for 3 days and 2 nights..Its a 5 star hotel, full of foreigners.. the price is quite reasonable.

Front view Thistle Resort
Checked in at 12pm.. ada tinggal beberapa bilik je masa tu..The front desk gave us the best view.. Bilik private, dpt tgk garden dan dapat tgk pantai.. Masuk bilik, mmg cantik la.. BE dpt bilik yg last, corner lot.. hehe. mcm bagi special room utk pengantin baru lak.. (dh 7 bulan kawin tp rs mcm br je kawin..kan sayang..? ) hehe..Nnt BE upload bila dh alik t.. 

BE duk dlm bilik tgk tv..azmeer ada seminar tp x lama lah.. ptg2 skit tu, Azmeer ajak BE pusing2 tgk pantai.. nak jln ke pantai tu mcm ada walk away.. very nice.. 

Ni jln terus ke pantai.. (image from Google)
Rasa best sgt2 walaupun azmeer ada keje skit.. tp dpt jugak jln2 dengan Azmeer..

Ok, nnt BE sambung lg.tata

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