Aisyah is now 11 months old


hi all..

Just wanna tell you that last 15th June 2019. Aisyah turns 11 months old.
On 15th July 2019, she will officially be 1 year old.. 
no more known as babies..huhu

How time flies.. 
She's getting smarter and clever..
She started crawling since the 1st raya..
And now she started to climb who is around her..
But lately, she's hardly eating. She just like eating nasi impit or plain rice without any flavour.
Quite worried but I tend to try out the new recipe for her to taste the flavour herself.

Just wanna share few pictures of Noor Aisyah aka PIPIPAU..

Next month will be her 1 year old appointment

So will see how much her weight is..hehe

With Love,

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