Lost 3kg in 4 Days


Hello guys.. I wanna share on how i loose 3kg for 4 days in a row. I know it sounds crazy, like it's impossible right.. What i ate?

-2 Boiled eggs eat only the whites..
-Japanese cucumber (just cucumber no mayo or any dip thingy)

-Ceaser salad or salad with salmon
Basically i go to any cafe or restaurant and only eat salad with hot earl grey tea or green tea..
No sugar.. i have my own Stevia Sweetener as my sugar drops


Dinner before 8pm
I eat what my mum cooks but with less steam rice or even sometimes without rice.

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For 4 days i keep repeating the same menu and i checked i've lost 3kg.. Really helps but on the 1st day you might get a bit dizzy coz you already get used to eat heavy food for breakfast.

These tips are actaully from my husband.. He was a gym trainer and also consult people to diet with healthy food. If only i could start from earlier i wont be able to be like...NOW..haha

So maybe you can try this tips and good luck.. By the way, don't force yourself if you can't follow what i did..

With Love,

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