Malam ni serang Baskin Robbins

The 8th of August 2012 is giving out a free ice-cream to the whole people in Malaysia.. Any races can eat them but only from at 8pm to 10pm..

Sudah tentu selepas buka puasa ramai org akan berebut utk menikmati ice-cream percuma tambah lagi ice-cream yg famous tu.. Hari ni pun Rabu, klau pakai baju pink dpt extra ice-cream tak..? hehe

BE mmg xleh makan dah, smlm dh mkn mini magnum dan hubby suruh jgn mkn dlm masa 3 minggu dr skrg sbb BE dh mula batuk.. degil kan BE ni..huhu..teringin sgt nak mkn. 

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